Roboard code examples to interface CM5 Firmware and IMU


The following post briefly explains how did we interfaced the roboard and contains the code files that we’ve used.

Roboard and CM5 communication

A detailed explanation to the structure of the CM5 code and the data flux between the servos and the roboard, can be found on the previouse post  Communication protocol between PC and CM5.

The roboard code to interface the CM5 is quite simple,

The IMU interface code its even more easy, we just get the data from the IMU through a serial comm at a baudrate of 115200 (check IMU datasheet) and display the values on the Standard Output.

In attach follow a zip file with 3 codes and a readme document with file list and content of the Zip file.

1) The CM5 code to run on the CM5, the one that makes the bridge between the roboard and the servos.

2) A linux code that run on roboard, that makes the closed loop test to the servos through CM5 ( using code 1)  ) as previously described.

3) A linux code that run on Roboard, that simply collect the data from the IMU and show it on the screen.

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