Installing Debian on Roboard its now a bit easier!


Installing debian on roboard its now a bit easier!

First of all, this process does not replace the total of the steps given in the ROBOARD manual needed to install the linux on the roboard.

This ISO image is just the way to avoid the mess of installing virtual machines on windows and losing time building the pendrive that will be used after, to install the linux on the ROBOARD.

So, we have created these iso images that we are able to “burn” on pendrives and just plug the pendrives on the roboard and boot it!

After this you still have to follow linux instalation steps, after pendrive creation, of the debian installation manual, supplied in the roboard site.

We also recomend to have the roboard connected to internet when installing it, so linux may fetch what else it needs from web.


Its possible to burn the image to a pen, in linux or in windows, ahead follow the instruction.

To build these images, we  have used  the debian 6.0.0 businesscard version.

Burning the image on Windows

1st Download the WindowsImage of the installer pendrive

2nd Download USBit tool

3rd Connect the pendrive to use as roboard installer throught USB with at least +128MB

Unzip the previouse downloaded, and run the USB Image Tool.exe.

Press refress button and select your pendrive on the list of found devices

Click restore and select your windows ISO file previousely downloaded

Click Open and wait for the restoring to finish

Burning the Image on Linux

1st Download the LinuxImage of the installer pendrive

2nd Connect the pendrive to use as roboard installer throught USB with at least +128MB

3rd Open a terminal and insert the code line

$ dd if=DebianImage.iso of=/dev/sdb1

In our case, we are on the same folder as the image is, and the pendrive is the sdb1.

After burning the image to the pendrive,

If you pretend to use the version of the image, unzip the linux_image.rar file now existing in the Pendrive root.

Put the *.deb file contained in the forder created by the unzip, in the pendrive root directory.

Otherwise, if you pretend other versio, since compatible with the vortex, copy the respective image.deb file to the pendrive root directory and forget about the previouse rar file.

Then remove the Pendrive.


Insert the pendrive in the roboard USB and Start the Board

Press F11 on while the board is starting to enter the Boot selection

Select your pendrive and continue

Follow Debian installation instructions.

Also you can find  the roboard installation help in after the pendrive building part.


6 Responses to “Installing Debian on Roboard its now a bit easier!”

  1. Chris Paton Says:

    hi there, when i boot from the roboard with fresh card (formatted to ntfs) i get error after selecting the keyboard layout:

    !! Load installer components from installer ISO

    No kernel modules were found.

    is this to do with after unziping the file in the usb pen there are two .deb files, i copied both to main directory.

    Thank you
    Chris Paton

  2. Chris Paton Says:

    there is also no logical volume manager or software RAID.

  3. robomarinheiro Says:

    Hi Chris
    Those errors are “normal”.
    When installing the roboard, i advise you to have it connected to the Internet, so linux can fetch what else it need more.

    First of all this pendrive image burning, its supose to help you with a faster installation, BUT after you burn it you NEED to follow the Roboard site installation manual for linux.
    This iso was created just to avoid the mess of virtual machines and pendrive creating time, and with this jump directly to the linux installation itself.
    About the *deb file, this deb file is used in the end of the installation, in one of the last steps, befor “finish the instalation” you
    go back
    open a shell
    Copy the deb file to the sd card
    install this image
    update the boot system
    exit shell
    and just then you finish the installation.

    You just need to follow the steps supplied in the roboard site.

    Hope it help

  4. Hugo Says:


    thanks for the pen drive image!

    To be able to use it with no keyboard connected to the roboard,
    I had to add to syslinux.cfg the following parameters
    console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 vga=normal
    to be able to install Debian in serial console mode.


  5. Hugo Says:

    Both grub and lilo fail to install…

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