Frequency Identification


Hello and welcome to the Actuatedcharacter’s blog.

If you have been following us, you know that we are in the process of identifying Jacobian. For that we were using ArX models but the results we were obtaining weren’t that great. It was then suggested for us to try identification in frequency instead of identification in time. The following video shows an experiment to obtain data for frequency identification.

What happens here is that we actuate the knee servos with a sinusoidal signal wich increases the frequency over time, more precisely 0.2 Hz every 10 seconds.

Something unexpected ocurred as we were increasing the frequency. We reached a lateral vibration mode that can clearly be seen on the video.

Meanwhile ArX models are finally showing some decent results and so we went back to them, but it is still an interesting video for those of you who study structural behaviour.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project.

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