RoBoard Software

The RoBoard is used as the brain to control the Jacobian robot. We developed a software infrastructure that allows development of control loops inside Matlab Simulink that end up running on the RoBoard.

a) We developed a generic “S-Function” for Matlab Simulink that is designed to communicate with the AX12 servos (flashed with Morpheus firmware), via the CM5.

b) This S-Function is embedded as a block with input and output vectors. Input vector composed of servos positions and IMU data. Output vector composed of PWM control to the servos.

c) The control loop in Simulink containing the S-Function block, is compiled and output as C code. The C code is compiled on the RoBoard into an executable. The executable runs on the RoBoard and communicates back the PC Matlab with debug data.

RoBoard software to communicate with AX12 servos flashed with Morpheus firmware:


RoBoard software to communicate with CM5 controller as bridge to AX12 servos flashed with Morpheus firmware:


RoBoard software (Matlab Target) to communicate between  the Morpheus flashed AX12 via CM5 bridge and Matlab Host through Simulink’ s-function:

This software is dependent on the Simulink Model, hence the tutorial to generate the code is the following

1. How to build the EZPhysicsComm sFunction

Preset already compiled for Win32 x32 and x64:

2. Installing Matlab Skeleton in Roboard

Preset already installed for the Actuated Character robot:

3. Running Matlab in Roboard’s Linux

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