AX12 Custom Firmware Version 1.2


This version of firmware have a similar to bioloid type of control, but have been developed thinking on the new features that allow a much faster closed loop control.

Directly controlling the PWM of the Jacobian 10 servos with the roboard 110.

With this firmware we could reach the 600 fps with 10 servos frames, for pwm control.

The interfacing GUI is a simple example of how to interface the servo.

Any modification, bug report or suggestion is wellcome to be commented.

Firmware and GUI interface Software ( Projects also)

Morpheus (new version 1.2)


Firmware helper.pdf

GUI helper.pdf

Roboard Linux Code.c


The new version 1.2 has corrected some bugs in the speed control and in the communication freezing.

2 Responses to “AX12 Custom Firmware Version 1.2”

  1. Jacobian Communication infrastructure « Actuatedcharacter's Blog Says:

    […] Servos Code is in the previous post […]

  2. Mohit Says:

    Hi; I want to know How to clear the Bit 5 of 0x12 ? That is the Overload trigger. I want to shutdown the overload trigger. Yes; I am ready to burn 1 Ax12+ because I am experimenting on it. Please help. You can read Ax12 Manual page 11 and 12 for details about Bit 5 and overload error.

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