Jacobian Communication infrastructure


The Jacobian body communication infrastructure, is devided now in three parts,

– The Servos

– The Cm5 and IMU

– The Linux Sfunction

With these we can provide a constant access to the body, by the Matlab and then control the robot.

We can now have a stable infrastructure working at 200fps, meaning this, we can get data from servos and IMU, and send back new data to servos, 200 times per second.

The whole system is composed by

The PC with the Matlab client and control algorithem, communicate with the Roboard

The roboard have a Matlab host code to communicate with PC, and uses an Sfunction to interface the CM5 and the IMU

The IMU broadcast yaw, pitch and roll data at 300Hz

The CM5 reply packets with the servos positions when the roboard request it, and send to servos the new pwm values the roboard send

The CM5 also have a vector with all the servos positions, that is updated every 3 ms.

The servos send their positions in chain reply when CM5 request a cycle of position replies, and each get the new pwm that CM5 send on single broadcasted packet.

The follow example code, is used to access positions and control the PWM of 10 pre configured Servos.

The Servos must be programmed with the morpheus firmware and all of them must have diferent IDs.

The CM5 should have the following code running.

Just them compile and run the linux example from the roboard

Servos Code is in the previous post

CM5 Code.rar

Linux Code.rar


Newer CM5 firmware released in recent post

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